Rollaway Beds: Perfect For All Guests

Did you ever have a thought of buying a new or extra bed, and later cancel the plan for lack of space in your home? Were you really worried that an extra bed can take up all the space in your home undesirably, even when the bed is not in use at all? You would have wanted to save it for an unexpected friend coming over, your parents visiting, or even relatives showing up. If so, a folding, portable bed on wheels (a rollaway bed) would make you rethink and knowing its benefits, you would actually buy it for your home, without any more second thoughts.

Advantages Of Buying A Rollaway Bed

Why should you buy a rollaway bed for your home? Mainly, it is good and comfortable, like a normal bed and doesn’t eat up all the space in your home. It is convenient to store and yet gives the same features, as a regular bed does. As it is not at all heavy, in the folded position it is very easy to carry it around, even without help from another person. In short, portability, comfort and convenience attract any user to this folding type rollaway bed, which often comes with a high quality mattress. It is perfect to use rollaway bed in college dormitories, hostels, sharing-basis apartments… to ensure more space to walk around, with no compromise on the bed to take proper rest. You would be able to have the same sleeping bed, like that of your sweet home and wouldn’t have any issue with its transportation also. You can use the perfect bedding like a duvet cover, quilt, blanket, etc. to ensure full comfort, as in a regular bed.

Rollaway Bed To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

When a guest shows up, you would start running around, arranging a sleeping bed for them. There may be situations, when you have to make them sleep on your couch, if there is no free guest bed in your home. Not anymore! With a rollaway bed, which would make them sleep well and feel way better, than using your sofa bed. It will ensure more privacy, and also promise a good night’s sleep. They are also perfect for an afternoon napping, after a heavy meal as well.You can even put it in your living room temporarily, if needed, for an unexpected guest, without straining yourself out. If you wish to stay up late, you can just set this bedding up in the next room, so that your partner or children wouldn’t be disturbed. Thankfully, rollaway bed can easily be folded after use, and is not heavy to handle as well. The portability is indeed a plus factor of rollaway bed, attracting users all over the world.

Save Some Space Using Rollaway Bed

If you do not have a separate guest room, or you are concerned about a new bed taking up all the space in your home, rollaway bed is indeed the solution you are looking out for. You can also make use of a rollaway bed, if you want to use some space in your guest room, as a gym, reading room or for entertainment, when it is free. If you put a normal large bed, it would eat up most of the room space and will make it inconvenient to convert the room for other purposes. Instead, a rollaway bed can easily be folded and stored even under other furniture, and you can totally forget about the space needed for it.

Available In Different Dimensions

You may buy a rollaway bed of your required size, as it is available in almost all dimensions, as that of a normal bed. Consider your usage and space in your home, before making a purchase. Rollaway bed is also available in different models, styles, patterns and colors, to suit the looks of your home. Also, be sure to buy it from a good seller, as the quality of the materials used in its construction and finish is very important for a long lasting bed.

Now, you know all that you should about rollaway bed, and have it for your guests or as an extra bed for your home. You can enjoy this portable sleeper, whenever needed and easily fold it and carry it around your home or apartment. Advantageously, it can be stored in very less space, and gives the same level of comfort, as a normal bed does.

Different Types of Spacesaving Beds for Your Guests

Knowing how to choose the best bed for a guest bedroom often creates a bit of a dilemma. It’s kind of hard to find one bed that all of your guests will enjoy. On the other side, you want everyone to be comfortable and enjoy their visit, but you also have a budget. The size of the room you have available will also play a major role in your decision. Regardless of price range and your budget, you can still create a guest room that will surprise your guests, with details that emphasize comfort and beauty. That said, when shopping for beds for your guests, the general rule of thumb is to purchase the best mattress you can afford, especially if you have frequent guests.

Your guest room in your home can be a physical room or it could be a sleeping corner in your living room. Depending on how much space you have in your home and your budget will dictate how your guest bed will look and function. Below are outlined several tips to help you select the perfect bed for your guests.

King size beds

At the very beginning, it’s a good idea to consider your space. If you have the space, a full-size bed is your best option. Twin-size beds are great for singles or children, but it’s not practical for couples. If you own a large guest room, you can opt for king-size beds as they are a great luxury. Be sure all the furniture fits before you commit to a king size bed.

Rollaway Beds

On the other side, however, if sleeping space poses a problem for you when you have visitors, consider what actual products on the market can meet your needs. If you love to travel a lot, you have probably seen a Rollaway bed in hotel rooms. Or maybe you have slept on one Rollaway bed from time to time. The construction varies with different manufacturers, but the functionality remains exactly the same. The bed folds in half and then rolls for easy storing when the bed is not in use.

There are also different types of Rollaway beds. The standard one uses either angle or tubular steel for its frame with slats or wire spring mesh for the deck that supports the mattress. The height varies depending on the manufacturer. Beside the standard Rollaway, we have the cabinet bed. This kind of bed resembles an armoir, but houses the frame and its sleeping mattress inside. Unlike a typical Rollaway bed, the cabinet bed’s mattress has to fold in order to be stored inside. It even comes in double, twin and queen sizes. The third type of Rollaway is the ottoman. The ottoman bed requires a slipcover to be used in the ottoman mode.

Folding beds

This type of spacesaving bed is perfect for overnight guests. It’s based on a folding bed frame that bends. When not in use, the bed is folded and stored. They also come in double size. Double guest beds are ideal for every situation as you can create two single beds or one double bed by simply pulling the bed out from under the bed frame. Then, the bed is raised up to the same height as the same bed. It’s very easy to hide the folding bed and store it without any compromise until the next visit. When in use, mattress is placed over the frame, thus making it a perfect spacesaving bed for your guest room. It allows you to save space, yet have the perfect sleep solution for your visitors.

Air mattress on the floor

If you own a really small guest room or you don’t have one at all, you can use air mattress placed on the floor of your living room. Placing an air mattress in a small room is always a good idea. However, ensure that your guests have enough privacy. For example, if your guests sleep in the living room, you can offer a folding screen for privacy. Set up the bed for your guest in the evening and position the folding screen so they won’t be disturbed if you walk by in the morning.

Sleeper sofas

There are some really cute sleeper sofas on the market today. If you have a choice, place on in the room. If you have a family with a child coming to visit, you can offer the little sofa to the child or take the sofa for yourself. When not in use, the sofa can function as a part of your living room or office. This can be a perfect solution for infrequent visitors and homes without having an extra bedroom.