A Beginner’s Guide to Sweep Picking

Hi guys and welcome to the second instalment of my sweep picking series. In this issue we are going to start where part 1 left off, so if you haven’t already worked on the material presented to you in part 1, head on back to issue 16, check out my column and get practising. In…

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Billy Gibbons – The lengendary ZZ Top Guitarist

To celebrate the release of ZZ Top’s La Futura, the “little of band from Texas” 15th album, GI brings you not just one but two interviews with the living legend Billy F. Gibbons! Stuart Bull delves into the ZZ Top history book for a full gear and background interview, while Michael Casswell brings us up…

Benefits Of Playing Guitar

Benefits Of Playing Guitar

There are many reasons why you should choose to play guitar. Playing guitar not only helps you satisfy your passion but also bring you many great benefits about your life and your health. Here are some major benefits of playing guitar that you may not know. Strum away the stress When you feel stressful, you…

What We Should Know About A Compound Bow

Nowadays, there are a large number of people interested in the compound bow which is one kind of modern weapons used in hunting. You know that hunters are now very intelligent and they will choose the modern tools that can help them defeat the prey more quickly. The compound bow is one of these tools….